About Fær Press


“The Old English word above holds inside it many meanings. It is a going, a journey, a way, a journeying, an expedition, a road, a passing, a course, a march, a voyage, a path; it is a place where passage is possible, a thoroughfare, an entrance; it is that in which a journey or voyage is made – a vehicle, vessel, carriage, ship, ark; it is a body of persons who journey, a crew; it can also mean fear, peril, danger, sudden, intense and beautiful. [information gathered from the Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary]…This word can conjure others too if you look at it long enough: it could be the just-out-of-sight otherworld of færy; it could be a gathering of festive merriments from afar – a fair, or the gift one would give to another at such an occasion – a fairing…”

Rima Staines, “Fær,” August 25, 2013, intothehermitage.blogspot.com

Fær Press was created in 2013 to publish forthcoming books on esoteric historical topics by Sarah Kate Istra Winter. Check the Titles tab for more information. You can contact Fær Press at faerpress@gmail.com.


The Secret History of Carnival Talk

“Who doesn’t want to run away and join the carnival? In 1937, my grandparents did just that. They only toured for a year, but they left with a special gift that – much later – they passed on to me: the secret language of the carnival folk.” Part memoir, part cultural history, part linguistic exploration, … Continue reading